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Short-term therapy and open-end therapy available.

Available in English and Spanish

Counselling is also available by phone and Video.


It takes place in the client's home rather than in the therapist's office, but guarantees the same confidentiality and boundaries. It allows the client, who may otherwise has difficulty attending the sessions due to illness, disability, personal crisis, or lack of transportation or childcare, to receive therapy. Clients feel more at ease in the known surroundings.  

-For personal therapy, it facilitates the attendance to therapy in cases when the client does not feel up to travel to the therapist's office for the session or has some difficulty.

-For couples, attending therapy from home facilitates the opening of both parties as they are in their own known environment and they don't need to be in the defense mode as it may occur when the session takes place in the therapist's office.

-For cancer patients and families, it provides supports to ill patients and their family in the comfort of their own home.


Therapy for individuals

From €60 Phone or Video Counselling

From €80 for face to face session



Couples Therapy


From €70 Phone or Video Counselling

From €90 for face to face session 


Sessions are 50 minutes.

Language: English, Spanish

Location: Dublin 18

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